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Intimate Phenomenon

Intimate Phenomenon the live show, is a high concept, family-friendly, and memorable interactive experience. The show breaks the fourth wall of magic and explores the world of the unexplained like never before. Bobby Borgia’s groundbreaking presentation uses and interactive form or magic and illusion, combined with cunning psychology and mind control techniques. Audience members will experience the unexplained for themselves, as the impossible will happen in their hands.

Borgia has created mind-blowing illusions and magic that shatters our normal linear assumptions of time, space, and everything in between. Not only will Borgia miraculously read the minds of everyone in the audience, but he will collectively envision and predict the unknown.

Bobby Borgia’s interactive live magic show magnifies sleight of hand and close up magic combined with a live video feed and state of the art interactive illusions. The multi-camera live show will climax with a mind-blowing illusion of physical, mental of existential proportions. The show is designed to play on a grand scale 3000+ seat theater. However, no matter how big or small the audience is, the impact is always the same.

Intimate Phenomenon
The interactive set.
The magic will happen to you!
Interactive illusion.
Multi digital camera magnification.
Magic 360.
Virtual reality background.